A Bolstered hunter with stainless steel bolsters and handle bolts ,3-in. CPM-154 blade, Bos heat treat, Abalone handles $400.00 Engraved by myself $800.00 with a nice leather sheath. Price  $1775.00 

A Parker Fearless Sub-Hilt Fighter, 8- in. CPM 154 Blade, Imitation Ivory handles, Engraved. This knife runs $3600.00 and up. Engraving is around $1200.00                                             NOT TAKING ORDERS ON SUB-HILTS AT THIS TIME

 These are some Hide -Away knives I made several years ago, Engraved by a friend, This type of knife seems to never go out of style, These blades are 4-1/4 in. ATS-34 stainless with 416 stainless hardware, starting from the top Mastodon Ivory, Amber Stag, Mammoth Tooth, Stag. Price with Micarta handle is $1050.00 Engraving and different handle material extra.

                               Engraving about $800.00

This is a Guarded Semi-Skinner,. 3-1/2 in. CPM154 blade, Paul Bos heat treat 59 RC. Stainless guard and handle bolts Abalone handle costing around $400.00. Engraved by me, Engraving about $800.00. Basic knife runs $950.00 with Micarta handles Cost $2150.00 as is

This is a Gizzard Pick Boot Knife with a 4-in double ground blade of ATS-34 stainless, Stainless guard and handle bolts Black Micarta handle, Boot type leather sheath with boot clip, Engraved Price $950.00 plus engraving about $800.00 cost $1750.00 as is

A PARKER FEARLESS Sub-Hilt Fighter *-in.  ATS-34 stainless steel blade Bos heat treated to 59 RC. Mammoth Ivory handles $500.00 This knife runs around the $2700.00 mark. Basic knife with Micarta handles is $2200.00 Engraving is about $1200.00 Cost $3900.00 as is                                                      NOT TAKING ORDERS ON SUB-HILTS AT THIS TIME

this knife cost is $1850.00
Sthis knife runs $1950.00

  Engraved Hide-out                                            Price - $1650.00

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